Sharing a cart with friends or family

Sharing a cart with friends or family

It’s easy to shop together with friends and family with group carts. Create a group cart and share it, then check out when everyone’s ready.

Share Your Wishlist

On the website—

  1. When you click a product to be selected , click the Heart Icon to save the product.
  2. Click Make/View Your Shopping List.
  3. Click to share Via Email, Whats app, Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Access your group cart

To access your group cart, tap or click the cart icon, then tap or click My Carts. You can switch between your personal and group carts whenever you’d like.

Checking out

Anyone with access to the group cart can choose to check out and place the order using their account payment method. However, the payment can’t currently be split between cart members.

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