Item pricing

Item pricing

It’s important for our customers to understand our marketplace pricing. 

GroceryList marketplace vs. in-store pricing

Retailers set their item prices on the GroceryList marketplace. While many retailers offer everyday store prices* on GroceryList; some retailers may set prices on the GroceryList platform that are different than in-store prices. The payment for prices on the site however is just a hold on your payment method. The final invoice will always reflect the instore prices on any given day.

*Some in-store sales/promotions may not apply. Refer to the retailer pricing policy for more information.

NOTE: GroceryList only honors coupons listed on the platform. However, we often offer discounts and promotions not available in-store. We reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason, including as a result of incorrectly priced items. If we cancel an order, we will refund your account for the amount paid.

You can view our retailer’s pricing policies on both the website and in the GroceryList app.

Final price for weighted items 

Some items, such as loose produce, are weighed in-store. Shoppers always try to get the customer’s requested weight, but final weights and prices may vary. The price displayed at checkout for certain items from the deli, meat, and seafood counters is based on the weight and price shown on the GroceryList platform. If the items’ final weight is different from what you requested or what was displayed on the platform, your receipt adjusts accordingly. We will charge you the updated price.

Incorrectly priced items

If you think an item is priced incorrectly—

  1. Select the item to open item details.
  2. Take a screenshot.
  3. Upload it to [email protected]

These alerts help keep our catalog up-to-date for all customers, and we look into them as soon as possible.

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