Receipts and charges

Receipts and charges

Our Charge

Thanks for shopping with GroceryList

The initial payment charged to your account is a hold and will be adjusted after your items are prepared for delivery or pick up at our local store partners. Inventory is subject to the store’s real-time availability. GroceryList Jamaica is not a retailer or seller. 

GroceryListJamaica and/or certain delivery windows may not be available in all areas GroceryList Jamaica’s service cost to maintain Cross Border Transactions, Employees, Platform, and Legal and Governmental fees is 10.5% and VAT 11.5%

There is no charge for pick-up orders.  Our delivery cost is $12.

Final Charges

Thank you for Shopping with GrocerylistJamaica!

Please note that when you purchase items on GroceryListJamaica, the initial checkout amount is regarded as a “HOLD” on your card due to unavailable items and additions to your order.

These are known as INVENTORY ISSUES (Out of stock, Brand replacement, and Size replacement )

After all the shopper is through with the order, the customer will receive details of their adjusted order invoice which would include GroceryListJamaica markup.

All this information can be found in our help center. An email is also sent to the shopper upon purchasing. It is also listed at checkout for referencing.

Please note the breakdown:

A. If the final is less than the initial payment you receive a refund.

B. If it’s more than what you paid an invoice is generated automatically.

C. The payment method on file is charged and you get an email confirmation.

D. If the card is declined, the system sends you a notification with a link to pay the invoice.

Returns and Refunds

To request a refund due to order issues, please make it within 7 days of your pickup or delivery.

Refunds are given based on :

1) missing items that you were charged for on the final receipt

2) Expired items picked by shoppers.

Refunds are processed immediately but may take 5-10 business days for you to see the funds in your account depending on your bank account.

Multiple charges on my receipt

When you place an order through GroceryList, we show you the anticipated total for your order, including estimated taxes and fees. If applicable, you may see other charges at the bottom of your final receipt.

An Additional Charge on your delivery receipt reflects any items added to your order after it’s been placed that make your new order total more than the original charge. For example, if you place your order and then remember you need a few more items, you’ll see an additional charge for the difference between your original charge and the new order total.

An Adjustment Charge on your delivery receipt means the final item charge, after any order changes, was higher than the original charge—for example, if the store is out of a particular brand and you approve a replacement with a higher price. You may also see this charge on your receipt if the final weight of an item increases the final item charge. The amount of the adjustment charge is the difference between your original charge and the new order total.

Tips added or adjusted after delivery may appear as a separate charge on your card statement. 

You may see a temporary authorization hold for a slightly higher amount than your estimated order total. Learn more about authorizations and other unknown charges.

Reach out to your bank if you have questions about a specific item on your statement.

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