Coupons and promotions

Coupons and promotions


Coupons and in-store discounts are sometimes available on GroceryList. The coupons you see on GroceryList are manufacturer’s coupons. Click or tap on the coupon box below an item to apply it to your order. The coupon will apply when you add the item(s) to your cart.

If your shopper replaces your original item with one that doesn’t qualify, you won’t receive the discount. Learn more about changing your replacement preferences.

NOTE: GroceryList only honors coupons listed on our platform. However, we often offer discounts and promotions not available in-store.

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) sales

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) sales vary by retailer.

Select the coupon box below an item to apply it to your order. If items are eligible for a BOGO sale, they’ll apply at checkout. BOGO deals will only apply if the correct number of items are added to the cart.

Promotion codes

Click or tap Add promo code at checkout to add the promotion code to your order.

Available credits and active promotions show under the Flash Sales on the site’s menu. The promotion amount automatically applies to your next order during checkout. Any remainder goes back to your account for future orders.

If you received a promotion code from your friends or family, it only works on your account if you meet the requirements of the promotion and are not transferrable. These requirements are at the bottom of the email the original recipient received.

We can’t apply promotions or credits toward fees, taxes, tips, or alcohol items, due to applicable laws and regulations.

Promotions without a code

Some promotions don’t require a code. You can add these promotions to your account by clicking the button or link in the email, push notification, in-app banner, or text message you receive. Once activated, the promotion amount automatically applies to your next order(s) at checkout. They can’t be used in combination with another promotion or credit. Any remaining credit goes back to your account for future orders. 

These promotions can’t be shared. If you share the promotion or try to use it on another account, the promotion won’t apply. They are only available for the account associated with the original recipient’s email address.

Multiple promotions on your account

Only free-delivery promotions and select promotion codes combine with additional promotions. 

If you’re not attempting to apply these promotions to your order, you can only use 1 promotion per order. You can’t combine select promotions and/or credits. If you have multiple promotions on your account, the promotion with the earliest expiration date automatically applies at checkout. To apply for a different promotion, you’ll need to place another order.  

Any on your account apply to your order based on the earliest expiration date. 

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