How GroceryList work?

How GroceryList work?

You’re busy, so every minute counts. Let us connect you with Shoppers in your area to shop and deliver items from your favorite stores in as little as an hour.

Shop your favorite markets

We partner with the most popular supermarkets and regional retailers such as Hilo Super Market, Progressive Grocers Jamaica, AJ Supermarkets, Shoppers Fair among others. The marketplace offers more than 60+ retailers and trusted local grocers that customers love.

Shop from your favorite national and regional grocers with your computer or mobile device.

Schedule delivery

Schedule your delivery in as little as an hour, or for later in the day or week to fit your schedule.  

Delivery windows start as early as 10 am and run as late as midnight. Check local store hours. Delivery hours are subject to store operating hours, which include holidays.

Get your groceries

Meet your shopper at your door to get your groceries. 

Our platform also offer a pickup option. You simply shop on our website or app, select a pick up date, time and location, then pick up your groceries at the store.

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