Where we deliver !

GroceryList aims to serve households across the Caribbean — currently, we are available in Jamaica and we’re always growing. Let our shopper handle your grocery list for you sometime soon.

Service areas

GroceryList’s s delivery and pickup services are available in all major parishes and towns near you. To see if that includes your area—

  1. Visit our locations page.

GroceryList doesn’t deliver to me

Although we are available in some parishes and town/cities across Jamaica, we’re not everywhere just yet. However, we could be coming to your area soon! 

Available stores

Our Shoppers shop at local stores in your area. To see which stores are available to you, visit our locations page. From there, select your parish or scroll down to see a list of available areas. Selecting the area name displays a list of available stores in that area.

Adding new stores

We’re always adding new stores you can order from. To stay in the loop as we add more stores, subscribe to Sales and Marketing email updates, or follow GroceryList on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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